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If I could share only one thing with you

I’ll admit it.

Before I came to work at Vision Source Midwest City I had only been to the eye doctor twice.  Once when I was very young, and once two weeks before I began working at Vision Source.  My vision seemed fine.  I didn’t have to squint to see things.  I didn’t seem to have any vision problems at all.

Since then I have learned about how important having a regular eye exams is.  Eye exams are about your health as well as if you are able to see clearly.

When you go to have your comprehensive eye exam, your doctor can see the front surface of your eye and a tiny little sliver of the back of your eye. If I could share only one thing with you  it would be how absolutely important it is to have your eyes dilated during your exam and/or to have an Optomap retinal exam during your visit.

Our doctors recommend the Optomap for all of our patients, young and old.  The Optomap takes a picture of the back of the eye, giving the doctor a better view than they could have otherwise.   Occasionally, a patient will not want to have an Optomap done in our office because it costs money out of pocket (only $29 at our office).   In these cases dilation is recommended.  Nobody likes getting those drops in their eyes and waiting for it to wear off, but it does allow your doctor a better view to check your eye health.

If you decide not to participate in either – you are not getting a full exam and your health and vision may suffer.

Please remember – you only get one set of eyes.



Optical Assistant, Marketing Coordinator

An Optomap exam provides the best view of parts of the eye for your doctor.

An Optomap exam provides the best view of parts of the eye for your doctor.